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  • How long will it take to get my order?
    Each piece is handmade to order in a one-man shop. I take pride in my work and make sure that everything I make is perfect before I send it out. You should expect to recieve your order between 1-3 weeks after purchase.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    No, not at this time.
  • How long should I expect before I hear back on an inquiry?
    Within 24 hours.
  • Do you make custom furniture or other custom pieces?
    Yes! I make custom furniture for people living in the Los Angeles area. The cost of shipping precludes me from making furniture for areas I can't personally deliver to. If you live outside of the LA area and have a smaller custom project then that might be something I can help you with. Please contact me so we can talk about your project.
  • What substances do you use to finish your products with?
    I use "Tried & True Environmental Wood Finish." It is the highest quality wood finish that is environmentally friendly and FDA approved for skin and food contact. It highlights the natural beauty of the wood while hardening it over time.
  • Can a cheese board be used as a cutting board?
    No - a cheese & charcuterie board is not the same thing as a cutting board. A proper cutting board is much harder and resists knife scarring because it has its end-grain facing up. To prevent scarring and keep your cheese board looking its best, always use a cheese knife - not a steak knife - or better yet use one of my "Oldewan Knives" which will never scar your board.
  • How do I clean my wood item?
    Clean with warm water and mild soap. Dry imediately and completely with a dish towel.
  • Can I put my wood items in the dishwasher?
    NO! Absolutely not.
  • What oil can I use on my board?
    Your wood item has been treated with two applications of Tried & True Environmental Wood Finish and should last a long time. If, however, it is starting to look "dry" or "thirsty" you can apply a light coating of wax-based food-grade oil to it. Or you can send it back to me for re-finishing. See below answer for details.
  • Do you re-finish boards?
    Yes!For a $35 plus shipping, I can re-finish your board "back to new" condition. I completely sand it back to it's buttery soft glory and re-oil. Simply email me your request at and mail your board to: 5225 Medina Road, Woodland Hills, CA 91364.
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